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Getting to Santa Clara University

The closest airport is San Jose International airport, only 5 minutes away. San Francisco International airport is also reasonably close by, about 45 minutes away. For directions, go to the Santa Clara University interactive map and click on directions/parking. For more information on Santa Clara University, see: Santa Clara University information.

Getting to Stanford University

Please see the directions for visitors here. For more information on Stanford University (including parking suggestions), see Stanford University information.

Getting from Santa Clara University to the Huang Engineering Center at Stanford

    • Walk to the Santa Clara Transit Station, just across the street from the main entrance to Santa Clara University.
    • Purchase a 2-Zone Day Pass at the ticket vending machine (you will need to purchase a new ticket every day). The cost is $10.50.
    • Take the Caltrain north to the Palo Alto station. You should take the 8:02am train (train 227). If you miss this train, there is not another one (that stops at Palo Alto) until 8:45 which means you will be late: don’t miss the train!
    • You should arrive at Palo Alto around 8:36am. From there, you should follow this map:
    • a. get on the Marguerite shuttle, line X (note: there are regular shuttles at 8:30, 8:38, 8:50, and 8:53, but be sure not to get on an X express shuttle);
    • b. get off at the Via Ortega stop, across from Y2E2 (it takes roughly 10 minutes to get to the Via Ortega stop);
    • c. walk past Y2E2 to Huang Engineering Center.

Getting from the Huang Engineering center at Stanford to Santa Clara University

Basically, just follow the above directions in reverse:

  • Take the Marguerite shuttle, line X (get on at the same stop where you got off in the morning, across from Y2E2) at 4:34pm or 4:54pm.  It takes roughly 25 minutes to get to the Caltrain station.
  • Take the Caltrain to Santa Clara. Your day pass from the morning will still be valid.  The easiest way is to catch train 268 at 5:40pm, arriving at Santa Clara at 6:10pm (Note: you will want to hurry from there to dinner as dinner closes at 6:30pm).
  • It is possible to get to Santa Clara by taking an earlier train, but it requires transfers – consult the schedules below for details.

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